Preparing for winter with your pets

The weather is getting cooler and there are more rainy days, which can limit how often your pet is outside. 

So how can you prepare for winter with your pet? 

  1. Prioritise walks

It’s harder to get up in the morning in winter. Often it is still dark, the temperature is cold, and it can be rainy. Why not just stay inside until the weather is warmer? Unfortunately, your pet still needs physical activity. 

You may need to take shorter walks so both yourself and your dog do not end up so cold. You can also prepare for the darker weather by looking at the times the sun rises and sets and time your walks around this. 

cat staring out window

  1. Make sure your pets are inside

Just like humans, pets feel the cold. If you have a dog that usually lives outside, you may wish to bring your pet inside, especially on those cooler days. 

Be wary if your pet has any health conditions that may be affected by the cooler weather. These pets will definitely benefit from being kept indoors during winter. 

  1. Coats for your pets

You wouldn’t go outside during winter without a coat right? Your pet will also appreciate the extra layers when the weather is cooler, particularly if your pet has shorter hair. 

Consider buying winter coats for your pet which they can wear either inside the house or during walks. There are many designs and colours available - you’ll be able to find one you and your dog like! 

dog wearing winter coat

  1. Environmental hazards

Depending where in the country you are located, you may experience more environmental hazards during winter. Some areas will be prone to frost and black ice, which can be dangerous during walks. If you’re going for walks before sunrise or after sunset, make sure you are aware of areas which are prone to frost and black ice. This will ensure neither you or your pet are slipping and injuring yourself.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

Make sure you ensure your pets are getting enough protein and fatty acids during winter. This will help to keep their coat thick so they can stay warmer during winter. If you’ve got a cat, you can add extra fish oil to their diet. You can prepare for this in the months before winter, so your pet’s fur has time to grow thicker. 

wet dog in front of canal
  1. Keep your pet dry

Does your pet like to play in the snow or the wet grass during winter? Make sure you keep your pet dry, especially areas such as their ears. This can help to avoid any ear infections. 

  1. Hydration

Is your pet wearing extra layers during winter? Make sure they are drinking extra water to ensure they stay hydrated. Good hydration will help your dog’s ability to regulate its own body temperature. 

If your pet drinks from a bowl outside, make sure it’s plastic, as a metal bowl may freeze, which can be dangerous for your pet’s tongue. 

  1. Grooming

During winter, your pet may grow an extra thick coat so they stay warmer. Before winter, make sure you have a good brush which you can use to groom your pet. Brushing your pet will allow for the old fur to be removed and a fuller coat will grow. A clean coat will not only insulate better, but it will also dry quicker. 

Following these steps will help you to ensure you have a safer and warmer winter with your pets. 

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